Créateur et gestionnaire d'espaces à vivre
  • Rooting retail in everyday life


Since 1991, the Chessé Group has been designing and devising commercial properties, triggering business exchange and a bustling economy.

Our seasoned background enables us to provide tailored solutions to satisfy:

  • the needs of local communities faced with a growing property development sector and an urban landscape in perpetual motion;
  • the requests from retailers to optimize space for brand sales and traffic; and
  • tomorrow’s demands from today’s urban consumers.

Our team delves right into the heart of these citizen-driven ecosystems that inspire and channel the Chessé Group’s creativity. We strive to bolster local economies by designing sustainable retail hubs that cater to the needs and expectations of consumers, retailers and locally-elected leaders alike.  

Suburb- or downtown-bound, our creations reflect our skills and savvy, and offer a palette of services and shops as diverse as those who use it.

Overseeing the entire retail process , the Chessé Group prides itself on being a sole point-of-contact on myriad investment and management fronts, whose stance, in turn, offers greater prospects for retail longevity and sustainability. 


The Chessé Group strategy is broken down into 3 complementary areas of expertise: retail property development, investment and management.
This three-fold faculty makes the Chessé Group one of the few on the realty scene in possession of what it takes to securely fasten every link in the retail value chain.
In the role of retail broker, it oversees the construction, commercialization and management of each shopping center.
As such, communities and local authorities need not look any further than to the Chessé Group as a one-stop shop for all of their needs and concerns with the assurance that future developments will yield both quality and sustainability.





Our unique, custom-designed shopping centers are designed to heighten store visibility and brand awareness, as well as boost customer proximity and loyalty. Digital tools optimize the shopping experience, helping, in turn, to broaden relationships and performance.